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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry /Wattakka Curry

 Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry /Mild Spicy Wattakka Curry
Sri Lankan Recipes- Pumpkin Curry
Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry

This Pumpkin curry (wattakka curry) is one of our favourite Sri Lankan Recipes. It is mild spicy and cooked using green chili instead of red chili. Therefore the appearance is yellowish.I have shared another way of cooking pumpkin in a curry called Wattakka Kalu pol maluwa,which use all spices and coconut after roasting till brown.The gravy of this curry is so thick and creamy due to grated coconut. Use fresh peppercorn in coconut paste instead of pepper powder and see the aroma and taste of this Sri Lankan curry!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Wattakka Kalu Pol Maluwa (Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry)

Sri Lanka Pumpkin Curry Recipe

Wattakka or Pumpkin is a veggie which we can cook in different style. This Wattakka Kalu Pol maluwa looks darker as we use roasted spices & coconut. For a Sri Lankan, I am sure this is one of the favourites. Wattakka can be cooked in a curry which gives an appearance of white or yellowish. That is a different recipe using green chilli. Some, they use oil and fry onion and red chili before adding pumpkin.But I do not use oil here as this recipe is loaded with coconut milk & grated coconut. Still this is tasty and I believe bit healthier than adding oil.