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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Watalappan -A Sri Lankan Dessert

Watalappan -A Sri Lankan Dessert

Watalappan is an easy, sweet dessert from Sri Lanka. It is one of the most popular desserts and has become one of the must have desserts in any special occasion including a wedding. Anyway, once searching for details, I found that this dessert has a Malay origin and the Sri Lankan Malay community calls it as ‘Sirikaya’.Kaya is something familiar for me here in Singapore. I’ve tried kaya toast which is toasted bread with kaya jam. So far I didn’t check what kaya is or how to make it. Interestingly, kaya is a jam made of coconut and egg. This watalappan pudding is also a result of coconut and egg steamed with jaggery.Sometimes it is interesting to know a bit of the history of food,isn't it?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style

Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style
Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style

Caramel Pudding is a very popular dessert in Sri Lanka. But, it is not purely Sri Lankan. This is an easy dessert popular among most people around the world. Even it has different names like cream Caramel, Caramel Flan, Custard Pudding or Caramel Pudding. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for Caramel Pudding. Most recipes require 5 eggs for the same ingredients and quantities. However, I used only 3 eggs, also I didn’t use water. For the custard, I added sugar, you can remove it if it is too sweet. Anyway I am not a big fan of sweet treats. Still I didn’t feel this pudding is too sweet. I really don’t like to try desserts when I feel that I have to wash a lot of utensils or when I am unsure of achieving the best appearance and taste. For the below recipe, I am sure even a kid can achieve a good tasting Caramel Pudding without much effort.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mango with Honey and Yogurt

Mango with Honey and Yogurt

This is a really easy & simple dessert and reminds me Sri Lankan curd & treacle. In Sri Lanka, Curd with Treacle is a signature dessert which most people love to eat. The Southern part of Sri Lanka is more popular to produce high quality curd. If you travel Sri Lanka, don’t forget to try Sri Lankan Curd & Treacle! 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sago Pudding with Agar Agar

Today Agar Agar recipe is with Sago. Sago Desserts are always delicious & healthy. Adding Agar Agar to it gives a delicious Sago Pudding. In Sri Lanka, we always cook Sago with Coconut Milk. So,I used coconut milk in my recipe. If you cannot find, Agar Agar easily in your area, unflavoured gelatin is the substitute. Anyway, after trying few recipes with both Gelatin & Agar Agar, I prefer Agar Agar. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Agar Agar With Coconut Milk

Agar Agar With Coconut Milk

Agar-agar is another form of gelatin.It is a great way to create easy & colourful desserts. However Agar Agar has a firm texture when compared with jelly. Interesting fact is, it is derived from seaweed & considered as vegetarian. Any fruit or any flavour can be used with Agar Agar to make a delicious dessert. There are so many recipes & ideas.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Orange Pomegranate & Pear Salad with Honey Yogurt Dressing


This is a really interesting & refreshing salad. These days I have few Pomegranates at home. So I try to use them in different recipes. This fruit salad only includes Orange, Pear & Pomegranate. Honey Yogurt dressing gave a delicious taste.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Fruit Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing

Fruit salad is a very easy & simple dessert. This time I tried it with a different dressing & I found it is tasty.
Here is the recipe.


3 cups of mix fruits of your choice.(I used Banana, papaya & Mango)
1 cup of orange juice
1/3 cup honey
¼ cup lime juice (or juice of 1 lime)

First prepare the orange juice & keep it in a bowl.
Cut all fruits into bite size pieces & add to the bowl with orange juice. This will prevent discoloring of fruits.
Mix all together; cover the bowl with a plastic wrap or a lid.
Keep refrigerated for about 2 hrs.(you can prevent this step depend on the situation)
Before serving,
In a medium bowl, Whisk honey & lime juice together until smooth.

Spoon the salad into serving cups.
Drizzle it with honey lime dressing.
Serve & enjoy!!

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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mango Mousse

Mango is a delicious tropical fruit & enriched with vitamin C. Even more it is not very expensive. In Sri Lanka most of the houses have a mango tree in the garden,and trees are full of Mangoes during the season. So I think this recipe would be a good idea specially during the season.

Anyway I got this idea of making Mango Mousse after seen the recipe shared by Kitchen Mania. She has described it in step by step photos, So it was very easy to make this dessert.

I did few alterations for the recipe .
Here is my version.


Mango puree - 2 cups
Unflavored Gelatin -1 tbs  (instead of Mango Puree & Gelatin, you can use a packet of instant Mango Pudding too )
Heavy cream - 1 cup (If you don’t have Heavy Cream, check  here  for how to make it at home,I used homemade substitiute for this recipe)
Eggs -2 egg whites
Powdered sugar - 1.5 cup (If you use instant Mango Pudding,don't use powdered sugar,it will be so sweetish)
Water - 1/ cup
some  fruits for garnishing


Boil water. Dissolve gelatin in ½ cup of water.

Mix 1 cup of sugar in mango puree.(Change the qty of sugar if you don’t like much sweetish dessert.I didn’t use sugar because mango itself has a good taste)

Mix dissolved gelatin in mango puree, keep aside.(instead you can use an instant mango pudding & make according to the packet instructions)

Now whisk egg whites until it forms foams.

Dissolve remaining sugar in heavy cream.

Add heavy cream mixture slowly to the whisked egg whites & mix well. Or beat for few minutes under low speed.
Add this mixture slowly to the mango puree which we kept aside.

Mix well

Now add the mix to a mould or a bowl & keep refrigerated for about 3-4 hours or until it get set.

Now it is ready after few hours.Garnish with fruits when it is in the mould.

Or remove from the mould & garnish

Mango Mousse

Serve & enjoy!!

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