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Monday, 6 April 2015

Mung Guli (A Sri Lankan Traditional Sweet)

Mung Guli (A Sri Lankan Traditional Sweet)
Mung Guli (A Sri Lankan Traditional Sweet)

Mung Guli is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet which is almost similar to Mung Kavum. Both are almost similar, mung kavum is diamond in shape where mung guli shape is a ball. In April we celebrate New Year in Sri Lanka and this is the time where most of the authentic sweets come into the dining table.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Aluwa -A Sri Lankan Traditional Sweet

Aluwa -A Sri Lankan Traditional Sweet

We Sri Lankans celebrate New year in April. It is the time that all traditional sweets get more attention in New year table. Today I made Aluwa, a Sri Lankan traditional sweet make with rice flour. Usually Aluwa is delicious when it is cooked with treacle. In this recipe, I used sugar. Still it is good in taste. I have a plan to share some traditional Sri Lankan sweets for this New year. So,I will post another with coconut treacle if I get time to make Aluwa.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Konda Kavum recipe from Aunty Gunawathie

Konda Kavum recipe
Konda Kavum

Konda Kavum is one of the most popular traditional sweets from Sri Lanka. It needs some skill to cook konda kavum ,specially to cook Konda Kavum with a nice shape. This oil cake/kavum has a top part and it is said ‘konda’ (in Sinhala,konda means hair and this top part is similar to a bun of hair). Frankly, I am not very good with Sri Lankan traditional sweets. So far, I have tried Kokis and Mung Kavum , I could cook them better. Now I want to learn how to cook Konda Kavum. Wait, I have a plan to cook Konda Kavum for the New Year on April. We Sri Lankans celebrate New Year in April. Mostly it falls around 12-15 of April each year and this is a festival we enjoy much. All the traditional dishes get highest place on festive tables and Konda Kavum is one of those sweets.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mung Kavum (A Sri Lankan Sweet with Mung Beans)

Mung Kavum is one of the traditional sweets from Sri Lanka which is mostly take place the dining table of New Year in April & other ceremonial events. Before cooking them, my idea was that it is not an easy to prepare sweet. This is my first time of cooking them & it was really easy. Mung Kavum is cooked with Mung Flour .(Green gram flour).I used store bought mung flour,so it was really easier to make them.Anyway I found this recipe from my Mother in Law as most of my Sri Lankan traditional recipes are from her.

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients (yield about 30 pieces; however quantity depend on the thickness & size of a piece)

1 ½ cup Mung flour
½ cup Rice Flour
About 2 cups Treacle (If Treacle is not available, use jaggary as I did)
1 tbspn butter
Oil for deep frying


½ cup rice flour
1 cup coconut milk
¼ tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
1 Egg is optional. But I didn’t use.


Sift Mung flour & rice flour together. So that they will mix well.(However if you use Mung beans & rice to make flour, soak them over night, then drain & grind until fine)

Keep flour aside.

In Singapore I do not know where to buy Treacle. So I used jaggery as an alternative. (Palm sugar also can be a good alternative).I sliced jaggery for small pices before using. Use about 1 cup of sliced jaggery.

Heat a flat pan.
If you use treacle, pour it on to the pan & make to boil.I used jaggery,so I added about 1 cup water together with jaggery  & make them boil & allowed to thicken a bit.

Then gradually add Mung Beans & rice flour mix. Stir well until it makes even mixture similar to dough. If it is so soft, add some more flour. If it is so hard, add more treacle or bit water. However above are the quantities I used last week & I didn’t face any problem.
Once all things are mixed well, add butter & mix.
Remove the mix from the burner & flatten on a baking tray or a flat tray.
Cut into small pieces.
Allow them to cool & rest.

Preparing batter

Use the ingredients above for the batter.
Gradually add coconut milk to rice flour & make a thick batter.
Add turmeric powder & salt to taste.

Final step

Heat oil in a pan for deep frying.
Take a piece from the tray, dip & cover with the batter.
Deep fry it.
Continue the same procedure with all the pieces.

Now Mung Kavum is ready to serve.

If you use store bought Mung Flour & Rice flour,it will only takes about 1 hour to prepare Mung Kavum with above quantities. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kokis (Rosette Cookies/Rice Cookies)


Kokis is a traditional sweet from Sri Lanka & it is one of our favourites. Anyway still I don’t know how to make Sri Lankan traditional sweets, but after learning many other Sri Lankan cooking, now I am in a plan to try Sri Lankan sweets. We have a lot of traditional sweets in Sri Lanka.We celebrate New Year in April & it is the time mostly we taste all these sweets.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lawariya (Stuffed String Hoppers from Sri Lanka)

Lawariya is a Sri Lankan traditional sweet & it is suitable for tea time. This is a kind of stuffed string hoppers (indi appa) & this is very easy to cook if you know how to prepare string hoppers. (Check here for string hoppers recipe)

Here is my way of preparing ‘Lawariya’.

Ingredients( for 4 nos Lawariya)

½ cups Roasted rice flour (String hoppers flour)
½ cup fresh grated coconut
3-4 tbspn sugar (jaggery is more better, but I used some brown sugar)
Boiling water (after the steam goes away)

Special Utensil
String hopper mould


First heat a pan. When it is hot add sugar & coconut together & make it a fine mix. Adjust sugar according to your taste.

Roast the flour well and sieve it into a bowl. Add a little salt to flour.
(or use some instant Indi appa flour which you can by from a stall)
Then slowly add enough boiling water (but after the steam go out) to make a soft but not sticky dough.

Fill string-hopper mould with dough.
Squeeze the dough on to a polythene wrap as shown below in round shape. But bit bigger than the normal size of string-hoppers.

Put a scoop of prepared coconut mix on it.

Wrap it as shown below.

Then steam until it cooks well. (About 5-7 minutes).

Remove from the steamer.

Serve & enjoy!!

Sending to the event 'Flavours of Sri Lanka' started by Nayna.

Check following desserts with coconut which is sending  to above event.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Halape / Halapa

Halape is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet which we use for tea time. The main ingredient is Ragi Flour(Kurakkan flour)
However when I prepare it I use both rice flour & kurakkan flour just to avoid the strong taste of Kurakkan flour although it is healthy.
In Sri Lanka we use ‘Kanda Leaves ‘ to wrap halape.However because I cannot find that leaves in the country where I live,Banana leaves are the substitute.So you cannot see the correct outer appearance of it as in Sri Lanka because I have used ‘Banana leaves’,but the taste inside is the same.

Here is the recipe

Ingredients (For 4 nos)

½ cup rice flour
½ cup Kurakkan flour (Ragi flour) (instead of both ragi & rice flour, you can use 1 cup Ragi Flour)
1 cup grated coconut
¼ cup honey (instead use 4 tsp sugar as a substitute,change the qty of sugar as per your taste)
Salt to taste

Heat a pan & add grated coconut. Make it just warm & add honey or sugar & mix well. Remove from burner once the mix is brown in colour. Keep aside

In a bowl mix rice & ragi flour together.

Use some warm water into it & make dough.Add some salt to taste.

Spread kanda leaves or banana leaves on a table. (if you use banana leaves,keep it over a flame few minutes to reduce its moisture & cut into pieces of about 7’’ * 7 ‘’
Now take a small qty of the dough ,make it as a ball & spread over the leaf making a thin round shape pastry.

Put some from sugar/cocnut mixture on it & spread well.

Then fold it half & press the dough.
Continue the same process with remaining dough.

Steam for about 15-20 minutes or until cooked.
Serve & enjoy!!