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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Easy Table Centerpiece with Fruits

Easy Table Centerpiece with Fruits

This is a very simple idea for a table centerpiece. What else can I do if I run out of time? We had a celebration during last weekend. My son turned into one. I will post some of his first Birthday Party photos soon.Until that,today I thought of sharing this simple table decoration from the Birthday Party.

Although we ordered food from a catering service, I still cooked some vegetarian foods. We invited few friends for the lunch. Time ran so fast and I found I didn’t have time for any garnish or a simple carving as I planned.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Edible Centerpiece with Bell peppers and Carrots

Edible Centerpiece with Bell peppers and Carrots
Edible Centerpiece with Bell peppers and Carrots

Truth is I love to learn fruit and vegetable carving. But it takes dedication and needs more practice. With a busy lifestyle with less free time, I still try to do some of the creative things which I desire. Garnishing is one of the things I love and I am happy with simple and easy food garnishes.

Edible centerpieces using carved vegetables and fruits are a good way to decorate a dining table. Recently I tried a simple and easy edible centerpiece using Bell peppers and carrots. It was super easy and didn’t want any special carving tool.

                                      Today it is published on Parade Magazine.

I hope you will like to read the full post with step by step instructions on how to make an Edible Centerpiece with Bell peppers and Carrots.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

How to Cut Heart Shaped Carrots

How to Cut Heart Shaped Carrots

Food Garnishing is a really interesting and pleasing way to present any food.Anyway most garnishing and carving need some skills,but there are easy ideas too.I always like simple ideas to garnish food and this carrot hearts are another easy idea to do with carrots.I love these heart shaped carrots,this is really easy and perfect for Valentine's Day food garnishing.Because it is so simple,I use these hearty carrots to garnish my food on Valentine's Day!A simple way to celebrate the meal.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea

Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea

Recently I entered into the ‘Fall Carving Contest 2012’ organised by Selena  This ‘Rock Melon Centrepiece’ is my submission. Winners were selected by votes. Thanks dear friends for voting me. However the contest was very competitive & I could not gain much votes to be eligible to one of top three winners.

BUT, for my surprise, I was selected for The Beginner's Award. It is really exciting & encouraging me as a beginner. I was given with the’ Fruit Carving How-To DVD’ from & my gift is on the way to Singapore.

I thought of sharing how I did this fruit garnishing with a very simple tool.Hope all you beginners will enjoy this & think of preparing a centrepiece in your next occasion.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Garnish with Cherry Tomato Flowers

Cherry Tomato Flowers are easy to prepare & it is a very easy & simple garnish idea.
This can be done in few minutes without much effort.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Halloween fun with Chocolate covered Strawberry Ghosts

These chocolate covered strawberry ghosts are easy to prepare.
Earlier I have posted the recipe of how to cover the strawberries with chocolate.
please read it here

After preparing the chocolate dipped strawberries, I used some sugar candy to make eyes & mouth. Then I converted it into a fruit kebab using some other fruits.

Mandarin oranges were decorated with a funny face & used as a stand to hold those fruit kebabs.

This is just a simple idea from me for the Halloween season….

I really enjoyed my time making those kebabs. :)
Hope you would like it.

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Purple Cabbage Salad & Garnishing it with Halloween theme

Cabbage is with a lot of health benefits. It has the ability of lowering cholesterol & also preventing cancer. Purple cabbage is another variety & the colour of purple indicates concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols which is beneficiary in many ways to human body.

Anyway I have a practice of making salads, most of our meal includes a salad.Before preparing this,I couldn’t find a recipe for a salad with purple cabbage as I was in rush, But I just tried my own Sri Lankan way of preparing a salad.

Here is my recipe for 2 servings.


About ¼ of a medium size purple cabbage
1 onion sliced
1 green chilli/1 red chilli or green & red bell pepper
1 tbspn  lime  juice
½ tsp sugar
1 tsp vegetable/olive oil
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste
1 tbspn Rice wine (optional)


Wash & clean the cabbage.
Slice it.
Slice onion & chilli
Prepare the dressing by mixing lime juice, sugar, salt, rice wine, olive oil & pepper
In a bowl, mix sliced cabbage, onion & chilli together.
Then add the dressing & mix well.
Keep in the refrigerator about 1 hr.
It is ready to serve.

When it comes to serving, I wanted to decorate it. Usually I like to garnish salads.
With its purple appearance, I just thought of garnishing with the theme Halloween.
 Oh anyway I didn’t spend much time for garnishing.

I just used a half of a boiled carrot, a slice of tomato, round slices from green chili & a lettuce leaf.
This is my try of making a funny face with big eye balls on my salad plate.

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Apple Penguin

This little penguin is so easy to make.

What you need is....

An Orange
An apple
Few slices of carrot
Few Grapes
A cherry tomato
Few tooth picks

This is how I made him....

First connect the Orange & Apple using a toothpick.

Use a slice of carrot to cut a bow.

Insert the bow to the orange bottom using a tooth pick with a Grape as a button

Insert pieces of grapes as eyes,piece of carrot as beak.

Prepare a carrot slice & a tomato as a hat

I used a stem of a kind of leaves (kan kong) to make a showl for the penguin

Penguin is ready now.....

Isn't he too cute?

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Fruit Basket with an Orange

Fruit Basket with an Orange

I always like to follow simple food garnishing methods. But now I like to explore new ideas although I am a beginner.

I got this idea of making this fruit basket through a video on YouTube. It is not very neat as I am not very experienced with the knife. Anyway I enjoyed making it.
All what you need is a sharp knife, an orange, A bow or a ribbon, few small fruits ( I used cherry tomato, Blueberry & Grapes)
Cut & remove a part of orange as shown below. For this, first cut horizontally until the centre,& then cut vertically. Then remove that part. Do the same from other side; keep the Centre part as the handle of the basket

Then carefully remove the flesh.
A small basket is ready now.

Cut a zig zag pattern in the border of the basket.

Now basket is ready.

Fill it with some fruits.

Arrange a simple bow in the handle.

Fruit Basket with an Orange
Done!!! This is my little cute Orange Fruit Basket….

Fruit Basket with an Orange

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Fresh Fruit Kebabs & converting it to a food garnishing idea

Kebab is always a great appetizer. Be it with vegetable, meat or fruit, it gives a pleasing appearance & inviting to taste.

Here I used fresh fruits for Kebab. I believe fresh fruit is tastier & healthier than grilled.

Here we can use any type of fruit which can be inserted into skewers.

Here is the way I did.


Some Fresh fruit (I used Apple,Pears,Orange & grapes)
Lemon Juice added to half cup water
Few skewers


Wash & clean all the fruit.
Then cut them into bite size pieces.

Dip Apple, Pears & (also banana if using), in lemon juice to prevent discoloring
Arrange fruit in skewers in alternating pattern
Can serve with a dip prepared with yogurt & cheese or serve fresh.

These can be a good appetizer in a picnic.
This Fruit Kebab can be displayed in few ways.

1) Tray Display

Just arrange nicely in a flat tray & serve. If you use some lettuce, the arrangement will be nicer. Anyway I didn’t have Lettuce that day.  :)

2) Bouquet Display

Select a beautiful vase or even a glass, arrange fruit Kebabs in it. Here I used a piece of apple inside the vase, & inserted Kebabs into it easily. This can be used as a centerpiece of a table, isn’t it? strawberries will give some beautiful colour for the display.(If added)

 The Kebabs were really nice.Not only that,they were really colourful & beautiful.

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