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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Agar Agar With Coconut Milk

Agar Agar With Coconut Milk

Agar-agar is another form of gelatin.It is a great way to create easy & colourful desserts. However Agar Agar has a firm texture when compared with jelly. Interesting fact is, it is derived from seaweed & considered as vegetarian. Any fruit or any flavour can be used with Agar Agar to make a delicious dessert. There are so many recipes & ideas.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rainbow Jelly with Mango Pudding

This pudding tastes good.But it consumes some time as we need to wait until one layer is set to add another layer.
However here I used red, green & orange  colour jelly on top of Mango pudding.


For the bottom layer (Mango Pudding)

3 cups pureed mangoes
1 cup condensed milk
2 tbspn unflavored gelatin
¾ cup sugar
1 cup hot water

For Jelly Layers
Jelly packets in few colours
Hot water

Use the package instructions to make the different colour jelly mix.
For me I used 2 tbspn jelly mix in 1/2 cup hot water.(for a yield of 1/2 cup)


First need to make the bottom layer.(Pudding layer)
Use the ingredients of Mango Pudding.
Here is the method.
Add gelatin & sugar to hot water & mix well.
Easiest method is , first mix sugar & gelatin together. Then dissolve this sugar & gelatin mix using hot water.
Now gelatin & sugar is dissolved in water, & keep aside.

In a bowl mix mango puree & evaporated milk together.
Then add gelatin mix to it & mix well.
Pour this mixture into a mould or a bowl, or pour into small serving bowls.
Chill until it is set.
It will take about 3 hrs to set.

Once it is set,

Dissolve one colour of jelly using hot water.
Pour a thin layer of it into moulds.
Keep in a fridge until it is set.It will set in 30 minutes or less.

Once the first jelly layer is set, dissolve another colour of jelly in hot water.
Add a thin layer of it into moulds which already have 2 layers.
Chill it until set.

Continue this method as your wish to get different colours of jelly layers.

I used Red, Orange & green layers on top of Mango Pudding.

Once all the layers set, serve it as a dessert.


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