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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pasta with prawns

Pasta with prawns

Pasta always comes to my mind when it comes to pack meal box. I try different pasta in different recipes and some are my own version. Usually I cook pasta in a large quantity and freeze in small quantities, so I only need to prepare the sauce when it comes to cook. This is a simple and easy recipe with prawns. I simply used pasta sauce with little bit chili powder. The taste was good with addition of prawns, anyway next time I want to add chili sauce instead of chili powder. Then I will have some vibrant colour in my dish.
Here is the recipe, hope you will enjoy it.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Saucy Pasta with Sausages

Pasta Recipes

I like quick and easy recipes to cook for breakfast.This Pasta recipe is very easy and simple to cook.This can be easily packed in a meal box or as kids meal.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bento #15 -Christmas Themed Bento

Christmas is on the way & everywhere it is very festive. So I thought of preparing a Bento with Christmas theme.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Quick & Easy Pasta Recipe

This is a super easy & quick Pasta recipe which I use for a quick breakfast or for the meal box. The taste is so good & ready in 10 minutes.

Here is the recipe...

Friday, 23 March 2012

Bento # 10 - Turtles & Penguins in a Bento

These days I don’t do much cooking. Even though I cook, I don’t get enough time for a photograph. Anyway I captured this as a quick bento to participate with Bento Blog Network weekly event. It is exciting to participate with those weekly linky parties. I always find new blogs & ideas by participating with those parties. And there are few parties I always like to join with.

This week’s theme is ‘Reptiles’, however the only adorable reptile I could think of in a bento box is a ‘turtle’. :)

This turtle is of orange, grapes & carrots on a slice of bread.

However I added some grape penguins too.

Grape penguins are easier to make. I have seen many posts using cream cheese & olive to make these penguins as an appetizer. Similarly I used some cheese strip inside a grape & used a tooth pick to connect grapes as a penguin.
Beak & eyes are from carrot pieces.

 Turtle Bento is ready!!

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bento # 8 - Orange Themed Quick Bento

After the December holidays, I couldn’t make any bento box.I couldn’t find time for some detailed bento, but here is a quick idea to arrange meal box without much time consuming.

This Bento breakfast includes,

A Sandwich
Fried sausage, sliced & inserted into toothpicks & topped with carrot slices
Few carrot slices arranged as a flower on top of sandwich
Few grapes
Also few colorful candies

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Bento # 7 - Bento with Bread Baskets

Today bento is with bread baskets. I found it is a good alternative for sandwiches, just for a change.

This bento includes,
-A Bread Basket
-Few grapes

Check here for the recipe of Bread Baskets.

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Bento #6- Birthday themed Bento

Today Bento is with the theme –Happy Birthday. I started to prepare Bento after  inspired with Bento Blog Network’s weekly event. The theme for the next week is ‘Happy Birthday’ & this theme is special for me too. Reason is few days ago Food Corner Facebook page celebrated 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Food Corner!!!

Anyway in this Bento, I haven’t used any special food. They are everyday food. But I used silicone cupcake covers to pack food thinking they are birthday cupcakes.
These birthday food cupcakes include,
1) Egg chick – Hardboiled egg decorated with carrot eyes & beek, tomato hat & stay in a lettuce nest.
2) Few grapes
3) Plain white rice, cucumber slices & topped with a grape
4) Boiled chick peas topped with a grape.
5) Tooth picks inserted red cherry tomatoes to represent the balloons.

It didn’t take much time to prepare this. But I enjoyed it a lot.

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bento #5 - Angry Birds

This week theme for bento at Bento Network is ‘Angry Birds’.
I was not sure how to make them as they have many details to show. :)
When I searched online, I saw many ‘Angry Birds’ bento, and they were really beautiful. But I knew I cannot make them with such details. They are really looking like ‘Angry Birds’ & I loved all those posts.
Anyway finally I could decide on my own ‘Angry Birds’ bento & I could do it within 10 minutes.
I am not sure whether they look as angry birds. Specially red angry bird is too round in shape.

For the red angry bird- Water melon cut as a round, grapes & carrot strips, piece of cabbage
White angry bird (round face) – Half of a hardboiled egg, grapes & carrot strips
Triangular face angry bird- A cheese wedge with carrot & grapes slices

To complete this meal, some plain rice & grapes were added
What do you think? Do they look like angry birds? :)

This recipe was featured at Very Good Recipes as best bento
Screen capture as of 08/10/2012

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Bento #4 - Christmas themed Bento

Here is my new Bento for this week & it is of Christmas theme.
First I added plain white rice as a thin layer.

Then it consists of,
Snowman made from hardboiled egg, eyes are from a ham & I used a straw to cut them
Gingerbread man made out of a chicken picnic ham & using a cooking cutter
Christmas themed stockings made from a cooked chicken sausage & decorated with some cheese
Reindeer from cooked sausage
Some carrot slices
I have added some lettuce, but they are nearly white in colour, so cannot see clearly in photos.
A piece of tomato

To decorate it more, I wanted to use some picks. And here is a tutorial on how to make beautiful picks at home.
Anyway I didn’t use stickers as in tutorial. They are beautiful, but I am not sure how they react with warm food & after closing the box.
Therefore I tried to use edible & colourful picks. So they are some colorful candy inserted into tooth pics. And I found some Christmas themed candy.To highlight the theme Christmas; I used a santa shaped candy inserted in a small pick.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bento #3 - Flower bed with Egg Sheets

This is my 3rd Bento & it is tried with Egg sheets.
Here is a tutorial of how to make egg sheets. I followed it, but may be my method is  slightly different from the tutorial.
I whisked an egg together with 1 tspn corn flour .I have a small circular shaped non-stick pan which I mostly use for egg omlette.I just applied some oil on it.
Then I strained the egg mixture on to the pan.
Cooked the egg in a very low flame.
After it is cooked, turned the egg sheet to the other side & switch off the flame. The heat of the pan was enough to cook the  other side of the egg sheet.

Cookie cutters were helpful for me to make these flowers.

For the bento box, I used white rice, but I make it as a very thin layer inside the meal box.
Using carrots, egg sheet flowers, pomegranate seeds, spring onion leaves, some kind of lettuce & also a piece of rectangle shaped egg sheet were used to decorate the box as a flower bed.

Few pieces of water melon & grapes were used in another small box.

Featured as Best bento on Very Good Recipes
(Below is screen capture as at 30 / 09/2012)

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bento #2 -Turkey Bento

Here is my second try of Bento.Because it is thanksgiving month, I tried to make a turkey.:)

Here I used,
A round shape sandwich
Grapes inserted in tooth picks
Green peas as eyes
Carrot in legs
Corn in beak
A pomegranate seed as the thing in turkey near its beak

First I aranged grapes as turkey's feathers. :)

Then placed the sandwich on it & arranged eyes,beak etc....

But I feel the box is empty & didn't get any idea to fill it,but I used some cooked chick peas & fresh oranges in another small box.

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