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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sri Lankan Green Beans Fry / Bonchi thel dala

Sri Lankan Green Beans Fry
Sri Lankan Green Beans Fry Recipe
Sri Lankan Green Beans Fry-Bonchi thel dala

This is a quick & easy green beans recipe from Sri Lankan Cuisine. We don’t use coconut milk here as of most of other Sri Lankan recipes. We like this as a side dish & well goes with plain rice. If you check this Green Beans Curry recipe, the steps are more similar to this dish, but finally we add coconut milk to make it as a curry. Sometimes it is interesting to see how the flavor is different from each dish only by changing an ingredient.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Sri Lankan Bonchi Mallung or Kerala Green Bean Thoran?

Bonchi Mallung? Actually I am not sure whether we cook Green Beans as mallung in Sri Lanka. Anyway I haven’t tasted any Bonchi Mallung when I was in Sri Lanka. Anyway this recipe is adapted from Kerala Green Bean Thoran Recipe. Kerala recipes are more similar to Sri Lankan recipes. Therefore it is very easy to adapt. This recipe is not exactly the same as Kerala Bean Thoran but I have adapted with Sri Lankan spices and taste. So, enjoy my Bonchi Mallung recipe.