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Sri Lankan Umbalakada Sambola (Chili Paste with Maldive Fish)

Chili Paste with Maldive Fish

Umbalakada Sambola is a delicious spicy dish from Sri Lanka. It is more likely a chili paste. Nowadays, Umabalakada Sambola plays a major role in most function menus.

Maldive Fish

Umbalakada (Maldive Fish) is cured Tuna and it is traditionally prepared in Maldives. Maldive Fish/Umbalakada is popular in Sri Lankan cooking. We add small quantity of this into most of our dishes as a flavor enhancer. On the other way it adds protein to our vegetable dishes. Actually umbalakada is not dried salted fish. This is harder than salted fish.

In past, it is a main export of Maldives to Sri Lanka. However most Sri Lankan dishes require adding of Maldive fish same as other spices. But still it is optional. Nowadays it is easy to buy as small slices and in packets. I always buy few packets from Sri Lanka and can keep for few months.
Chili Paste with Maldive Fish
Recently I prepared this dish and it was good in taste. My recipe is for small quantity, however this can keep for few days if you prepare in a large amount.
Sri Lankan Recipes
Here is the recipe for Sri Lankan Umbalakada Sambola (Chili Paste with Maldive Fish)

Ingredients (2-3 servings)
1 large size onion,sliced
2 tbsp Maldive Fish (Umbalakada) ,sliced to thin small pieces
1 tbsp red chili flakes
1 or 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 sprig curry leaves
Salt as per taste
Cooking oil

First, deep fry onion till golden brown and keep aside.
In another pan, heat 1-2 tbsp oil. Once it is hot add garlic and curry leaves. When garlic is golden brown, add Maldive Fish and chili flakes. Mix well. Then add fried onion. Adjust salt and remove from the heat.
Umbalakada Sambola is ready to serve. This can be kept few days if stored in a closely sealed jar/bottle.
Sri Lankan Cuisine
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  1. looks delicious...

  2. Looks very delicius.......nice clicks.

  3. Looks very tempting and yummy...this is new to me.

  4. so yum....i made similar with tilapia fish today for my hubbies lunch :)

  5. Isn't that Umbalakada dried fish?

    1. yes,it is a sort of dried fish,but basically it is cured tuna and much more harder than normal dried fish....

  6. wow, looks so tempting dear :)

  7. Delicious and very inviting!!
    Nice clicks

  8. Delicious and very inviting!!
    Nice clicks

  9. your click tempts me a lot Amy. Looks delicious and flavorful fish dish.

    today's post:

  10. Ohh ho.. I am getting so many memories here now, after reading this.. One is of a very close Srilankan roomie I had who is now settled in Singapore :P Another is that my dad used to get tinned tuna from Maldives and we all loved it (not this one though) and the third is my friend used to bring a similar kind of dish to our hostel (minus the fish & called 'Ulli Moopichathu') which tasted extraordinary... We used to have it with hot rice...
    And saying that, your dish looks and feels great :) Will try it when I get hold of some dry fish !! and with this I am following you :)

    1. I am so glad to hear that,oh!when you said about a Sri Lankan roomie and settled in Singapore,I checked your profile again...Coz I am also in Singapore...:D
      Interested to know about Ulli Moopichathu.Sure it is a tasty dish...

    2. :D Nopes.. Her name is Surya :) And yup, it's a tasty dish.. Maybe will post that one day :)

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  12. Hi Amila, very inviting and awesome. I think I need extra rice to go with this Maldive fish. :)

    Have a nice day


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