Friday, 11 January 2013

Roti Recipes

Here are few Roti recipes which I tried before. These Roti recipes can be easily adapted with Sri Lankan taste and well matching with some other curries.

Roti Recipes

roti jala

Do you like Roti?I would like to hear your ideas and what are the different roti you have tried before.
I am away from the blog for few days’ vacation & thought of scheduling few posts during my absence. Please leave your comments and ideas, I will check them all once come back.

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  1. Hi Amy, I love rotis to go with curry especially roti canai, naan and roti jala. These 3 are my top favorite. I like to make my own rotis and serve with chickpea curry and salsa.

    All your rotis look delicious. I'll bookmarked your Indian roti recipe.
    Have a nice day, regards.

  2. Love these rotis, I would love to try the roti jala..

  3. Oh My! Roti Jala is a surprise to me. Will try it. Happy Holidays

  4. nice collection with many variety

  5. Lovely way of showing different varieties of rotis. Roti jala looks very nice and a new dish to my list


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