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Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon (Fried Rice Vermicelli)

 Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon (Fried Rice Vermicelli)

Fried Bee Hoon or Fried Rice Vermicelli is one of our favourites. I like to cook this more often as it is easy to cook & ready in few minutes. I n this recipe, I only used mixed vegetables, but this is delicious when seafood is added. In Singapore, I can easily buy rice vermicelli & they tastes well once cooked. 

Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon
These days I am in a mood to prepare different Noodles & pasta dishes.So you will see few more Noodles recipe posts during this month.:)

Bee hoon recipe

Here is the way I cooked Fried Bee Hoon.
Fried Rice Vermicelli

Ingredients (for 2-3 servings)
160g  Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli noodles)
2-3 cloves of garlic minced into a paste
1 cup mixed vegetables(carrot,cabbage etc)
1 tbsp  dark soy sauce
salt, pepper as per taste
1 tbspn cooking oil
Water as required

Boil water & cook rice vermicelli as per package instructions. Add a drop of oil and a pinch of salt to water when cooking vermicelli. Drain & keep aside.
Heat a  pan. Add oil & Fry chopped garlic till fragrant, then add vegetables, stir-frying for a min or so. Then add salt & pepper to the vegetable mix together with dark soy sauce. Mix well.
Add cooked vermicelli into this mixture & mix well. Don’t over cook.Mix well to avoid clumps.
Fried Bee Hoon is ready. Serve it hot. 
Vegetarian  Rice Vermicelli

This recipe is very easy to cook and good for lunch box.
Here is the Christmas themed Bento Box I packed using Fried Bee Hoon.

Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon in a Bento

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  1. looks yummy! Simple and tasty

    1. thanks Veena,yes it is simple & easy to prepare

  2. wonderful amy.colourful and delicious

  3. inviting recipe :) and new to me

  4. Very inviting and looks scrumptious too.

    today's recipe:

  5. Bee hoon sounds delicous n looks so easy to try

  6. It looks so tasty! I like this kind of food! : )

  7. Wow, this sounds delicious. I'm trying to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into our weekly eating routine. This one sounds like a winner!

  8. That dish looks amazing. And seems simple enough that I can even do it.

    Stopping by to say thanks for your visit to Two Martini Lunch. I have added your feed to my reader and I am looking forward to reading and salivating more.

  9. Hi Amy! I love this recipe! I always love to eat simple, but delicious foods! Thank you for the instructions, I am seriously going to be making this tonight - it's the perfect meal for after work because it doesn't seem like it will take too long to make - and it's easy!

    Lauren x

  10. This looks tasty and light and sounds delicious.

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    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


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