Saturday, 1 December 2012

Cook like a Celebrity Chef -2 and Roundup

‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’ is the new event from Food Corner.Here is the round-up from the last month's event.
I am sorry,I had to remove few entries as they are not according to the rules.Simply,I couldn't find a link to the announcement page.So I had to remove them from the roundup.

Featured Recipe of the event is Hyderabadi Double ka Meetha - Bread Pudding from Roha
Please have a look on her space & her recipe.See,how she has presented this nicely.

Roha,Please accept below award for sharing an awesome recipe with us!
Other few recipes which gained more visits will be featured in Pinterest Album. and Facebook page.Please check.
Here is the round-up from  the November event.

Now,come back to December event.Below is the idea of arranging this event.

Though we cook everyday & share them on our blogs or facebook pages, there are some simple tricks that we can use to improve the quality of the meals. Professional Chefs always use their own techniques to make their customers happy, and keep them coming back.

How if we can create a meal for the family, which looks like a meal or dish tasted in a restaurant? This event is created to try some ideas, recipes & techniques from Celebrity Chefs you admire and to see how your family, guests & even fans/followers of blogs react to your wonderful culinary delights.

So, here are the event details or rules to follow.
1) Cook any dish, which you found in a cooking show/magazine or a website, which is introduced by a Chef.
2) Mention about the Chef in your post & give back links/credits to him/her where necessary.
3)Please consider about presentation style of your dish as this event is to ‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’
4)  Event duration is 1st December– 31st December 
5) Link any number of veg or non-veg posts using the link tool provided.
6) A link to this event announcement is mandatory.Sorry,Those with no link to this post will be removed.
7)Use of logo is highly appreciated.
8)Entries should be posted during the event period. Archived entries are allowed if they are re-posted & updated with a back link to this announcement.
9) Entries with most views will be featured in Pinterest & Food Corner Facebook page time to time.At the end of the month,I will select a featured post using the views & comments each entry gets.
10)If you become a follower of Food Corner, then leave a comment. I can follow you back.
I cant wait until I see your entries!!

Cook like a Celebrity Chef! & enjoy this event.

Have a nice day!!

Update: Here are the Awards waiting for you.
  Link your entry below.

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  1. Just came across your blog. This is so cool! I always need new food ideas! :)

  2. WWWOOOOO yeyeyey...!!!

    Thanks alot for the lovely award dear...!!!
    am soo happy..!!

    will surely send u the recipe soon :)

    Thanks a lot :)

    1. Hi Amy,
      I have link the round-up announcement

  3. Wow. All of those dishes look delicious! New follower.

  4. Amy, I would have linked in but don't do the link back thing - I feel I support blogs in many ways and don't want to clutter up my home page. Good luck with the linky

  5. Glad to be your 500th follower :) Will send my entries soon :)

  6. Hi Amy, today I linked my recipes, aamras and tandoori paneer tikka. Please check out dear.

  7. Congrats Roha. Well done!!

    Beutiful event and Amy I am new to your lovely space and
    a new follower too.


  8. Hi Amy , wonderful event dear...wud luv to participate.
    following u..:)

  9. Lovely event amy..already following you. want to participate in the events..but new to this linking technical terms.will will try to link.

    1. Dear Vidya,If you have any problem on linking,let me know.Hope I can help you....Waiting to see your participation...


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