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Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea

Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea

Recently I entered into the ‘Fall Carving Contest 2012’ organised by Selena  This ‘Rock Melon Centrepiece’ is my submission. Winners were selected by votes. Thanks dear friends for voting me. However the contest was very competitive & I could not gain much votes to be eligible to one of top three winners.

BUT, for my surprise, I was selected for The Beginner's Award. It is really exciting & encouraging me as a beginner. I was given with the’ Fruit Carving How-To DVD’ from & my gift is on the way to Singapore.

I thought of sharing how I did this fruit garnishing with a very simple tool.Hope all you beginners will enjoy this & think of preparing a centrepiece in your next occasion.

For my luck, I found below tool from a supermarket for less than $5.(From NTUC-Ang Mo Kio, Singapore).
Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea
My initial  plan was doing a garnish with a watermelon. But,I had a problem of how to finish a big watermelon in few days without wasting. Then I saw this round cute Rock melon & it was ideal in shape, colour & size.

Tools/items required
Few flower shaped cookie cutters
Few tooth picks & skewers
A plate to hold the garnish
A knife

Fruits/vegetables used
A Rock Melon (Should be able to stand like a vase without falling)
Few cherry tomatoes
Ladies fingers (okra)
Salad leaves (lettuce)
An orange
An apple
A carrot.
Few watermelon pieces.

Here is the method

Using the ‘V end’ of the tool, cut the Rock melon into half. So, both surfaces of Rock melon would be flowery shape. 
Use one half as the vase. Remove inside flesh using a scoop.(From the Vase)
Using the same tool, cut apple & orange into half. Now there are few orange, apple & Rock Melon flowers to decorate. Using the cookie cutter, cut water melon slices as flowers. Use tooth pick to arrange them on Orange/apple/Rock Melon flowers.
Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea

Insert cherry tomatoes in skewers as in photos.
Cut flowers from Carrot. Check here on how to cut flowers from a carrot.
Arrange them on skewers with a half cherry tomato.
Arrange all carrot flowers & cherry tomato skewers in Melon vase. Use the lettuce accordingly as leaves.
Cut the head of Okra(ladies fingers) & insert  a tooth pick. Arrange them nicely in Rock Melon vase.
Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea
Finally arrange the Rock melon vase with other Apple/Orange/Rock Melon flowers on a tray or a plate nicely.
I hope this is a beautiful & easy Centerpiece for  a dining table. What do you think?
Rock Melon Centerpiece –Easy Food Garnish Idea

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    1. thanks,nice to hear from you...

  2. Amy, our judge, Samsam said that he would love to have this centerpiece for a dinner. It's very nicely presented. And the photo is perfect too. Thanks!

    1. Nice to hear this comment from you...Your posts always inspired me with new garnish ideas & this contest was a chance to prove those....Thanks for arranging the contest!!

  3. Me too interested in doing so, thks for sharing, u did a wonderful job!!!

  4. Wow wow!!!! damn cute dear..whatever may be the reason to me you are the winner.

  5. wow.. this looks so beautiful!!!very creative and beautiful click..

  6. Wow mindblowing centerpiece..

  7. Great job Amy! This is very beautiful. Congratulations on receiving The Beginner's Award. Have a good Monday.

  8. Oooh that looks delicious! Thanks for following! Following you back now and looking forward to reading your recipes!

    ♥ Duckie.

  9. Super! This is awesome:) Thanks for the visit and I am just dropping in to meet you and I am glad I did. You are very talented. I am following via GFC and Pinterest. I am on my way to follow via Facebook:)

    Hope you week is filled with Blessings

  10. This is beautiful Amy..
    Post it on my FOOD & VEGETABLE CARVINGS page on face book.!/groups/325952467512811/

    1. Thanks,I sent a request to join with the group....

  11. so beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, following you back :)

  12. So beautiful Amy, very talented dear..

  13. You did a great job. It looks fantastic!

    Visiting you from Mom's Monday Mingle.

  14. This looks amazing and it's photographed beautifully, too. I'm sorry you didn't win!

    I'm your newest follower via the I Love My Online Friends blog hop. Don't be a stranger :)

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  15. If this was not a winner I can only imagine the competition had to be really fierce! What an awesome creation! I would love to have something like this as a table centerpiece for a party or gathering. I'm so glad I found your blog and I'm now following you. Stop by my place and say hello when you can :).


  16. Well congrats, that is pretty cool. And seeing this is no wonder. Great job, and how nice of you to share on how.

  17. Wow! That is one awesome centerpiece!! Congratulations on winning The Beginner's Award. :)

  18. wonderful creation :) glad to follow you back :)

  19. New follower from the Super sync Hop. Hope you will hop over and follow back.

    Also, I host a weekly link-Up and I would love for you to come by and add some of your great ideas. It runs Wed-Fri. Hope to see you there!


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