Tuesday, 16 August 2011

'Cute Little Chef ' blog awards

Last week I started my day with a great surprise.Laura from  A Healthy Jalapeno  awarded me 'Cute Little Chef' award.What a great surprise & excitement!! I am really happy that she has admired my work.

This is the award I recieved.

While thanking to Laura for this award & recognition,I would like to pass the award for few of my foodie friends.I was checking their work from few months and saw how they are good in their food preparation & also in presentation.Sometimes even our food is very tasty,they are not very good in appearence.So presentation is very important as I believe.These blogging friends are experts when we talk about food presentation.
Now I will pass this 'Cute Little Chef' award to folowing bloggers for their excellent work in the journey of cooking!!

1. Kitchen Mania
2. Sumptuous Spoonfuls 
3.Cooking with my soul
4.The Perfect Thyme
5.Tanja's Cooking Corner
6.Isabelle at home
7.Basilmomma- A busy mom who likes to cook
8.Running with the Devil(ed) eggs
9.Cooking with Nitu
10.Bon Viveur

Hope you will be happy with this fabulous award,same as me.
And want to thank you all for your great support by reading/viewing my posts.
Hope you will pass this award to your foodie friends too....
Have a nice day!!!


  1. thank you for the lovely award! I am so honored :)

  2. THank you thank you for thinking of me! You are great!!

  3. Wow, thanks a lot! How sweet of you & I will go check out some of the blogs you list that I am not currently following

  4. Thank you for appreciating my work in the kitchen :) And for this lovely award. I am honored to receive it.

  5. Thanks so much! Means a lot!

  6. Am honoured to have this award..Thank you so much..Your blogging is too interesting Amy..

  7. Thank you for this lovely Award, I feel honoured!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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